Camp groundsLocated near Tosca, a beautiful town in the North West province of South Africa, Frikkie du Toit Safari’s offers unbelievable Safari experience to adventure enthusiasts. Lies amidst a rugged area, our camp provides state-of-the-art facilities to improve your camping trip. Whether you want to sleep under the stars or want to explore Big 5, you will see your dreams transforming into reality the moment you enter our camp.

Frikki is a licensed hunter, who will assist you in hunting. Born and raised in South Africa, he has an experience of over 30 years in hunting. Having been featured in numerous outdoor television shows, Frikkie is famous among adventure enthusiasts in the United States.

Whether you want to hunt a small animal or a large one, Frikki can provide the necessary guidance to you. You can try both a Rifle or Bow during your hunting expedition.

We always go one step further to fulfill your expectations. We offer all the possible assistance to you; for example, we accompany you personally to your favorite adventure spots. In case you want to explore Kruger National Parks, a wildlife sanctuary in Africa, we will arrange a trip to take your African Safari Adventure to the next level.

Besides, if you want to travel all the way to Zimbabwe to discover the beauty of Victoria Falls, we can arrange helicopter flights.

Frikkie Du Toit Safari’s Provide The Following Facilities To Safari Adventurers

  • We have beautiful chalets with thatched roofs and mason walls to improve your African Safari Adventure
  • Each chalet comes with a lavish private bathroom with hot and cold water and full electric service, which will make you feel at home in the middle of the South African wilderness. Free laundry service is also provided during your stay
  • Our cozy beds and the fresh natural-fragrance provide you with a good night’s sleep
  • We also offer barbecue facilities in the Lapa, an outdoor entertainment area
  • Refreshing pools to relax in after a long day of hunting and hiking
  • We serve the best African cuisines to provide an exotic dining experience to each customer
  • Our mouthwatering beef, lamb, and chicken recipes compliment the entire Safari experience,¬†also serving the game taken during your hunt

South Africa is unquestionably one of the best countries in the world for avid travelers. People from across the globe travel to this country to explore its breathtaking natural beauty and quirky wildlife. You get an unbelievable experience when you head out on safari to discover the Big 5: leopard, lion, rhinoceros, cape buffalo, and elephant.

So, if you are planning to explore the Big Five during your upcoming trip, book your accommodation with Frikkie du Toit to have an exceptional safari experience as we are in the heart of the South African bush.

Moreover, if you are short of time and want to make the most of your adventure travel, Frikkie du Toit is the best place to stay.