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Select your own Safari options to customize your African Hunt 

Whether you are looking for a short 5 day hunting safari for plains game or looking for a 10+ day package hunting dangerous game we require a deposit of the daily rate per hunter or observer for the duration of your stay.

Choose the type of game (Dangerous or Plains) – How many Hunters and Observers, and the length of your adventure.


Daily Rates Hunter Non-Hunter
Dangerous Game – per person per day $450 $250
Dangerous Game – per person per day
(Outside South Africa)
Plains Game – per person per day $450 $200

Freddy Harteis - from "The Hollywood Hunter"

Hunting Safari Adventure

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Current Game Price List

Species Price Species Price
Ardvark $2,500 Impala Whiteflanked $2,850
Ardwolf $2,500 Kudu Cape $1,850
Baboon $200 Kudu Greater S $2,500
Bat Eared Fox $1,500 Klipspringer $1,850
Blesbuck Common $500 Ledgwe Red $2,850
Blesbuck Copper $2,500 Lion POR
Blesbuck Painted $3,500 Reedbuck Common $1,850
Blesbuck Saddleback $2,500 Reedbuck Mountain $850
Blesbuck White $750 Rheebuck Vaal/Grey $1,850
Blesbuck Yellow $2,500 Nyala $2,500
Bontebok $1,850 Oribi $4,000
Buffalo POR Ostrich $1,200
Muskbuck $1,500 Rhino POR
Bushpig $1,000 Roan $6,000
Caracal $1,500 Sable $4,000
Crocodile POR Serval Cat POR
Dik-Dik $2,850 Springbuck Black $850
Duiker Blue $1,850 Springbuck Common $500
Duiker Common $400 Springbuck Copper $1,000
Duiker Red $2,850 Springbuck Kings $3,000
Eland Cape $2,850 Springbuck Painted $3,500
Eland Livingstone $4,000 Springbuck White $1,000
Elephant POR Steenbuck $400
Gemsbuck $1,250 Suni $2,850
Gemsbuck Golden $3,500 Tessebe $2,850
Genet $850 Warthog $400
Giraffe $3,800 Warthog N/T $250
Grysbuck Cape $2,850 Waterbuck $2,200
Grysbuck Sharps $3,000 Wildebees Black $1,250
Hartebeest Red $1,250 Wildebees Blue $1,250
Hippo POR Wildebees Golden $2,500
Honey Badger $2,850 Wildebees Kings $4,500
Impala Black $1,850 Wildebees White $25,000
Impala Common $500 Zebra $1,500
Impala Saddleback $2,850 Zebra Mountain $2,250

Additional Details for Hunting Safaris

DAILY RATES INCLUDES: Accommodation, all meals, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Service of Professional Hunter, Tracker, and Skinner, Hunting vehicle, slaughtering facilities, and daily laundry service.

DAILY RATES EXCLUDES: Trophy fees, Taxidermy fees, dipping, packing and dispatch of trophies. Hotel accommodations before and after the Safari, and Tips. A $150 handling fee for all trophies. Rifles and ammunition. All hunting permits needed.

TRANSPORT: Clients will be met at and returned to O.R. Tambo International Airport or Kimberly Airport and taken by ground to and from the hunting area at a cost of $150 per person. Air Charters upon request.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All prices quoted in U.S. Dollars. A deposit of 50% of the total daily rate is required to confirm a reservation. The balance is payable on day of departure at lodge. All deposits are non-refundable.

INDEMNITY: While every precaution will be taken to ensure the well-being of clients, we will not be responsible for any injury, illness, accident or loss of the duration of stay.

Why not join us in Africa for one of the most affordable hunting areas left in the world? Where else do you get the option to only have to pay for your trophy, if you shoot it?!