Freddy Harteis – Testimonial

Freddy Harteis - from "The Hollywood Hunter"

If you are looking for a world class experience then CONGRATULATIONS…you’ve found it right here with Frikkie Du Toit Safaris!

I was blessed with many opportunities at an early age to travel the world with my father. Over time, I have been to Africa on more than 16 occasions and my two most recent trips have been to Frikkie’s property. It is not about scale here but about quality, and the feeling of being an extension of his family. From the moment you are greeted at the airport, Frikkie and his team assist you through every step of the process (customs, luggage, transportation, and even stopping by the local gas station to make sure you have a chance to refuel with snacks and beverages before hitting the road from the Johannesburg Airport to your final destination). Don’t forget to take advantage of the phenomenal local jerky he’ll have between the seats in that brown paper bag (you’ll know it when you see it)….it’ll blow your mind!

As you make way in the Land Cruisers, you’ll find yourself observing beautiful and exotic wildlife. Where you typically see horses in pastures in the states, you’ll soon see ostriches, zebras, and wildebeest…it’s such a surreal experience. Keep an eye out for those Kalahari Ferraris as well (Frikkie can explain). His beautiful family will be home to welcome you and introduce themselves as your go-to support throughout your stay. It truly feels like you’re headed off to visit those wonderful relatives you’ve been missing.

The meals are incredible and almost daily you are given an opportunity to indulge in the game you have personally harvested, a great addition to the dinner conversations I must say. Freshly brewed coffee and a hearty breakfast will help you kick off the day before you set sail into the bush for your hunt.

The rooms are spacious, the showers have hot water, and the beds are comfortable. Each day they will wash and fold your laundry…it’s AMAZING! As we all know, Africa offers some warmer-than-average temperatures, but on the bright side, their pool is ready to cool you down when you are.

If you run a personal business like myself you will be grateful for the access to Wi-Fi so you’re not completely cut off from the world you left behind. You can hunt with peace of mind knowing that you’ll still be able to get back to base camp and knock out those important emails all while sitting around the warm campfire with the fragrance of BBQ.

Frikkie has incredible relationships with many surrounding concessions which allows him to have endless accessibility to more hunting terrain, more wildlife, and more adventure. Don’t let his sexy looks in those skin-tight shorts fool you. You can trust this man with your life! I have pursued some of the most dangerous hunts of my career alongside Frikkie. He is incredibly experienced, passionate, and an absolute work horse when it comes to making your trip a success. You are in excellent hands.

There are many tactics for pursing the animals on your hunts from ground pursuit, to blinds, to vehicle, to putting Impala blood on your cousin Greg and bounding him to a tree for attracting the meat eaters of the animal kingdom. Talk about having a live predator call…ok j/k scratch that last tactic.

If you can sync the timing of your trip to have Doctor Willis (Frikkie’s business partner) there, I highly recommend it. What a heart of gold, and a mastermind when it comes to customized limericks…just saying. : )

You will leave wanting more yet thoroughly satisfied with what you came for. We all work very hard for the opportunity to treat ourselves with a trip to South Africa. Spend your money wisely and invest it into a place like Frikkie Du Toit Safaris…it is simply PRICELESS!

We cannot thank you all enough for the accommodations and can’t wait to see you all again soon!

On behalf of myself, Freddy Harteis (aka Hollywood Hunter), and the HH Team we wish you all a safe and wonderful hunting experience! #WorldClass